Mindfulness for Beginners

8 Week Online Course

This is a great place to begin your own mindfulness meditation journey. Participants will learn basic concepts surrounding mindfulness as well as formal and informal ways to practice. All are welcome and there is no previous experience required. Get started today.

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Meditation for the Family

Mindfulness is a natural and sustainable tool for children of all ages. The practice of meditation helps children develop their inborn capacity for understanding their bodies, minds, and hearts in a direct way. Research from leading doctors and scientists shows benefits that include increased attention, emotional regulation, self-esteem, and quality of sleep.

This course provides in-person instruction for children and their parents. Children and their parents learn about formal and informal mindfulness practice and how to maintain a family meditation practice.

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If you're not ready to take a course, you might want to start with our FIELD GUIDES. These guides are published every month and cover an array of different aspects including: Meditation for the Whole Family, Digital Mindfulness, Creating Space for Screen Silence, and much more. Find out more about purchasing and downloading here.

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Digital Mindfulness

When we use mindfulness tools and practices to better understand our relationships and attachments to our digital devices and technology - we are beginning a new practice of digital mindfulness. Digital mindfulness is an extension of our mindfulness habits into the world of our always-on communications. We can work to become more aware of how technology influences our emotions, our work, our relationships, and our overall well-being..