Witnessing the integration of mindfulness practice with modern, digital life & engaging in dialogue with those who bring the practice to diverse populations.

What we’re really doing, is asking people, across all different areas of society, culture, class, gender, age – to make a commitment to maintaining their humanity in the midst of ever-encroaching mechanical technologies that might otherwise distract us into automation and ambivalence.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practices are emerging in exciting and effective ways in many aspects of our Western culture. Interventions are making their way into many areas of society including education, healthcare, criminal justice, business, clinical psychology, and leadership. 

What We Do

MAP Mindfulness is witnessing the emerging field of developmental contemplative science across wellness, psychology, healthcare, parenting, digital communications, and much more. We create programs to support health through the integrated balance of mind, body, and spirit.

What is MAP?

We are working to provide information, resources, programs, and conversations about this contemplative field.  The programs we offer include specific instruction for children, teens, parents, and adults looking for guidance and ways to practice in this digital world.


a new set of 'digital wellness' features for better managing screen time

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We are on-track to deliver the world’s first prescription meditation app in 2020


Latest research on mindfulness for emerging adults and the entire university community